Brazilian Brigadeiro truffles
Chocolate Brigadeiro giftbox

BRIGADEIROS (BREE-GA-DAY-RO) have been part of the Brazilian culture since the 40’s when a military Brigadier General, that was a candidate to the Presidential elections, used these little treats to help promote his campaign.
From that time, the little homemade chocolate ball covered in chocolate sprinkles became well known as The Brigadeiro (brigadier in portuguese) and since then became the most popular and traditional Brazilian dessert!
This little and exclusive treat it's
a must in every Birthday party in our Country and there is absolutely no Brazilian citizen that wouldn't know what BRIGADEIRO means! (and we all love it!!!❤)
Nowadays this unique dessert have grown not just in popularity but also in a huge variety of Gourmet flavours and styles.
From my Brigadeiro Atelier, if you are an English or foreign citizen you will have the experience to try something new, exclusive and sophisticated. For the Brazilians citizens that live in UK my aim it is not just provide a taste from home but mastery this wonderful and well known handcrafted sweet with the best quality ingredients and perfectionism as they also have never tasted before!
Are you ready for some chocolate BRIGADEIROS???

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