The BRIGADEIRO (bree-ga-day-ro) is the most popular and traditional Brazilian dessert. There is no birthday celebration in Brazil without this unique and rich chocolate truffle. We hope you enjoy this smooth and delicate homemade chocolate dessert. So here are some tips on how to handle your treats:


How to Handle


Brigadeiro truffles

Make sure to refrigerate upon receive it
Keep them refrigerated to maintain a soft and smooth texture
Best served at room temperature
Eat fresh! Best if consumed within 10 days from production date.

If you ordered a big quantity you can also freeze the brigadeiros for 3 months. Just put the sweets in a closed container. Defrost at least 10 minutes before you eat. They will taste very good still cold.

(They just taste like a creamy and smooth ice cream!)


Tubepaste Creamy Brigadeiro

Keep in a dry and cool storage. Don't put in the fridge as it will get too hard.  

Best if consumed 5 days from the production date.

(You will not resist that long anyway!!!)


Creamy Brigadeiro Jar

Make sure to refrigerate upon receive it. Eat cold!

Best if consumed before 1 week from production date.



Keep in a dry and cool storage in a closed container. 

Eat fresh! Best before 5 days from production date.


All our Brigadeiros are handmade and freshly done for you.

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